Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Am Grateful. . .

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to express my gratitude for a few of the things I am grateful for. It is impossible for me to express my gratitude for everything, because I am grateful for an infinite number of things! I am definitely blessed! But here is a list of a few things:

I am grateful for...

1. My family; Mom, Dad, Brothers, and Sisters. My parents help me in times of need, my brother Andrew is a great example of diligence, and my baby brother Will (12) is just fun to be around! My older sister Kiri is a great example of a hard worker, Shelby is one of my close friends, Gracie just makes me laugh, and cry, and laugh again! Emma is fun to have around. Gracie and Emma together make me come close to dying from laughter. Yes, my family can me dysfunctional at times, but I love them nonetheless for the memories we have created and continue to create throughout our time together. 

(From L to R: Gracie, Kiri, Andrew, Dad, Mom, Me, Emma, Shelby, William)

2. My extended family; My cousin Brianna is my BESTEST friend! We are two girls who can spend hours and days together and not get bored being with each other. We have a very rare relationship, but a relationship I am eternally grateful for! I am grateful for her patience, her diligence, her kindness, and her tender heart. She is one amazing woman who I admire and look up to! (well, down because she is shorter than me, but you get the point!) I also have wonderful aunts and uncles in whom I admire and look up to! They are all great examples to me!
(Brianna and Me: Friends Forever!)

3. My friends; I have the best friends in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! I don't know how I have gotten so lucky! Connie is one of the best friends I could ever have. She always knows exactly what to say and when to say it when I am struggling, she knows how to have fun, and she is also someone I truly admire. 
(Connie my Frister (Sister friend))

Sydney is also a bestie from my choir LDC. She makes me laugh so hard sometimes! I can always count on having fun when I am with that girl!
(Sydney and Me being us)

Madison is one of the sweetest girls I have ever come across. I know I will be taken care of if I ever need anything. Madison is just wonderful! 
(Ldc Friends: Megan, Cozette, Cody, Me, and MADISON) 

Rachel is also amazing! I have learned so much from her! She is one of the best examples of someone who is happy despite the trials that are thrown at her, the physical ailments she goes through, the emotional, spiritual, and physical pain I am sure she suffers from. She is the best example of someone who perseveres and lives her life to the fullest! 

I have so many friends in my choir LDC. LDC is full of so many quality people! I am so grateful I get to be in a place where I know I am loved, and where I can show my love! 


I have so many great friends! If I were to list them all, this post would never end. These are just a few of my friends that have recently had an impact on my life! 

4. My roommates! They go beyond friends. We are like family! Tiffany, Nikki, and Jessie are three of my most favoritest people ever!
      (Tiffany)                   (Nikki)                     (Jessie)

5. Nature; Sunsets, mountains, fall, soft grass, ducks, warmth, flowers,rainbows, animals, everything about nature! I am so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us that we take for granted so often! This world is beautiful and we are so lucky to be able to be surrounded by such beauty!

I am so grateful for so many things, but most of all, I am grateful to be ME!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tiffany said...

You are one of my most favorite people too! You are so cute! :D I love you, tessel buddy!