Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Get What You Want In Life

What an amazing quote and seems almost unrealistic, but it is so true! 

       I am writing a book and just recently went to a writers retreat which inspired me to continue writing and to do all I can to make this book (and maybe more) happen. I started saving my money, eating poor college student food, and limiting my spending so I could do a mentoring program with an AMAZING author. I had $2000 saved up and was so excited that I would be able to do this program. I was prepared, enthusiastic, and determined to make this book happen until I crashed into a roadblock on this path of being an author. It stopped all my momentum and literally made me crash to the bottom of hopelessness. Let me explain what happened. 

       Thursday, a week and a half ago, my car decided it wasn't going to start. I was a bit upset because it gave no warning signs of kind of problem. Finally Saturday, I was able to have someone pick it up and take a look at it. I did not hear from him Saturday and decided to be patient. I did not hear from him Sunday, or Monday. I started to worry that it was not a small car problem. Finally he contacted me Tuesday. It was not a small car problem. The timing belt in the engine decided to break. It was going to be $2000 to replace the engine or $2500 to fix my engine. I didn't even know what to do. I was devastated that my car was not working, but I was more devastated that my dream of writing my book had been brought to a sudden halt. I decided to have him replace my engine with another used engine. 

        So -$2000 later, with only a few dollars left in my account, I am left wondering how I am even going to get by. I was really distraught about the whole situation when I felt a sudden peace wash over me. I knew it would all work out, and not just that I would be able to survive, but that I would still be able to write my book. I do not know how it is going to happen, but I know it WILL happen. I know it will not just fall in my lap, I am going to have to work and sacrifice for it, but I am going to make it happen! I have the power to create if I will but do the work! 

       So how do you get what you want in life? You set your intention, and then move forward and make it happen! There will be roadblocks and discouraging times, but kick them to the side and move forward! 

You can do ANYTHING!

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